This practice can trace its origins back to 1942 with founders George Saywell and Charles Law. As the practice flourished, Peter Commins joined the firm that would become known as Law Saywell and Commins.

During the 1970s, Law Saywell and Commins recruited two young professionals, Brian Hunter and Jeff Moore. This young team at Law Saywell and Commins emerged as a pioneering Sydney boutique accountancy practice.

It was in 1976, after an initial merger with Wallace McMullin and Smail, that Jeff Moore re-established the client services tax practice under the name of Jeff Moore and Company, later to be known as Moore and Bedford.

With the assistance of the newly recruited employee, Paul Bedford, from Law Saywell and Commins, Jeff Moore successfully re-established the boutique approach to accounting, providing a high level of professional services along with a focus on the personal client relationship.

When Jeff Moore retired in 1986, Paul Bedford was joined by Peter Titley. Previously, both Paul and Peter had worked with Jeff Moore at Law Saywell and Commins.

This was the beginning of Bedford Titley.

As Bedford Titley continued to develop, Paul and Peter continued the search for proactive professionals with a similar approach to client service.

It wasn’t long before they recruited Murray Rose from Duesburys in 1993. Duesburys can also trace part of its history back to Law Saywell and Commins. Within 12 months, Murray Rose head-hunted his associate from Duesburys, Andrew Skyring.

Bedford Titley expanded steadily with Murray and Andrew while continuing to maintain their boutique concept.

In 1996, Charles Cupit joined Bedford Titley. His professional experience added to the already solid platform and helped to continue Bedford Titley’s development. Charles was the first principal of Bedford Titley to come from outside the lineage of Law Saywell and Commins.

After the retirement of Peter Titley in 2008, senior manager Matthew Parkin, also recruited from Duesburys in 2002, replaced Peter as the latest principal to join Bedford Titley.

It was in 2013, after many years of operating as Bedford Titley, the practice undertook a change of name to become Bedford CA.

More recently, in late 2014, after joining the practice in 2009 with a diverse background including several years with Deloitte Corporate Finance, Geoff Hartigan became a principal of the practice.  He was joined in 2017 by David Dejong, who has been part of the practice since 2002.

Bedford CA is extremely proud of its dedication to personal client relationships and its boutique approach to accounting services. Our team has been so successful with this model that we can trace some of our current clients back to the original Law Saywell and Commins practice of the 1960s, with some of them dating back to the days of George Saywell and Charles Law.